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Our predictions for Muslims, Christians and others, regarding the future :

The beginning of the End of Time, including the emergence of the Imam Mahdi (Mehdi), will most likely be either in 2015 or 2016, while Jesus Christ (p)'s return [or second (2nd ) coming] is in 2022, in-sha-Allah (if God is willing).

Welcome to our site, which is dedicated to presenting news about our End of Time research and our book:

     The End Times: Based on Numerical Analysis of the Quran, Hadith, Arabic Words, and Historical Events   

Our book presents a unique Islamic numerical approach and perspective to the End of Time (End of Days or Last Days) and End of the World Apocalypse Eschatology, the future of Christianity and the role of Islam in the End of Time, making specific End Times predictions, based on our numerical analysis of Islamic sources (Quran verses and Hadith prophecies), Arabic words, and historical events. We do not use astrology (horoscope, zodiac, etc.) in our research or predictions. Making predictions based on astrology is Haram (forbidden) in Islam.

This End of Time book (including its predictions) is beneficial not just for Muslims, but also for Christians (Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.), Jews (including Kabbalists), and people who follow other religious/ philosophical/ occult beliefs and practices (such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Shintoism, Scientology, Paganism, Satanism, Sorcery, Gnosticism, etc.), as well as  atheists, agnostics, and people who do not follow any religion. For example, the book is very useful for Jews and Christians whose perception of the End Times is limited to the Torah (Tanakh)/ Talmud/ Zohar or to Biblical (Bible)/ Messianic/ Christian prophecies, predictions, apparitions (visions), and dreams.

Our research seems to indicate that, most probably, the first phase of the End of Time will start when the first evil person  (أعرج Araj, False Elijah / Elias, Messiah son of Joseph, etc.) arrives. This will trigger the Imam Mahdi (Mehdi) (ظهور أو خروج الإمام المهدي) to appear, in-sha-Allah (if God is willing).

The last evil person (Dajjal / Anti-Christ المسيخ / المسيح الدجال , False Messiah son David, etc.) will come (or return) in year 2022 . In response, Prophet Jesus Christ son of Mary (p) (نزول النبي المسيح عيسى إبن مريم) will come down from Heaven to Earth and end Kingdom of the Dajjal (AntiChrist), in-sha-Allah (if God is willing). Thus, the first phase of the End Times will end in 2022 (1444 Hijri ).

The Jews are expecting two Messiahs to arise in the End of Days (End of Time): the first one is Messiah son of Joseph and the second one is Messiah son of David. The Christians are expecting two witnesses to come before Jesus Christ. The Christians believe one of the witnesses is going to be Prophet Elijah (Elias). The first evil  person (Araj or Dajjal) who will probably come in the beginning of the End Times may falsely claim to be Messiah son of Joseph and one of the witnesses expected by Christians. The last evil person (Dajjal or Anti-Christ) who will appear (or return) in 2022 is likely to falsely claim to be Messiah son of David of the Jews and Jesus Christ of the Christians.  






We have released a new edition of our book on December 9, 2014. You can download our book  from the following page:   www.endtimes2014.com/downloads/book.htm 


The End Times is likely to start either in 2015 or 2016, in-sha-Allah (if Allah is willing). Currently, the probabilities seem to be as follows:


      - Year 2015 :   47 %


      - Year 2016 :   47 %


      - After Year 2016 : 6 %


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Some of the signs that indicate the beginning of the End Times is soon include:

1. The Arab Revolutions (Arab Spring) that started on Friday, December 17, 2010  (Muharram 10, 1432 Hijri)  (Tevet 10, 5771 Jewish)  (2455,547.5th Julian Day).



2. The quick victories of the Islamic State in Iraq & Syria (I.S.I.S.) ( داعش) in Central and Northern Iraq and its establishment of an Islamic Caliphate, headed by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi  (أبو بكر البغدادي ) who seems to fit the characteristics of a man called the Sufyani  (السفياني ) mentioned in several Hadiths of Prophet Mohammad (p). However, please note that the Hadiths about the Sufyani are mostly considered weak. This means that it is possible that Prophet Mohammad (p) did not mention these Hadiths and therefore, it is possible that there will be no Sufyani emerging.

The Sufyani is supposed to :

       (a) seem to be a religious Muslim.

       (b) be a butcher who kills and slaughters innocent people.

       (c) be an enemy of the Mahdi.

       (d) emerge within a short period before the Mahdi.

       (e) defeat his rivals, rule Al-Sham (Greater Syria) and attack cities in Iraq. 

       (f) send an army to attack the Mahdi, but his army will encounter a Khusf (land slide/collapse or a catastrophe).


The Islamic State in Iraq (I.S.I.) was established on October 13, 2006 which is the anniversary of the last apparition (vision) of the 3 children, regarding the End Times, in Fatima, Portugal which happened on October 13, 1917.

On June 29, 2014 (Ramadan 1 (or 2), 1435 Hijri) (Tammuz 1, 5774 Jewish) (2456,837.5 or 2456,838th Julian Day), the Islamic State in Iraq & Syria (I.S.I.S.)  announced the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate of all Muslims around the World and changed its name to “The Islamic State” by removing “in Iraq & Syria” from its name. The head of I.S.I.S., Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, became the Caliph, to be known as the Caliph Ibrahim. The real name Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is Ibrahim (Abraham).

The establishment of Islamic Caliphate by ISIS headed by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is a very significant event for the following reasons:

       (a) It is the first time that any serious Muslim has declared himself as Caliph of Muslims since Sheriff of Mecca, Al-Hussein son of Ali, declared himself as the Caliph of Muslims on March 5 (or 7), 1924, after the Islamic Caliphate of the Ottomans was abolished in Turkey on March 3, 1924. The Islamic Caliphate of Al-Hussein son of Ali ended on October 3, 1924.

       (b) June 29, 2014 was the first day of Ramadan.

       (c) June 29, 2014 was the 2456,837.5 or 2456,838th Julian Day. Number 837 (or 838) is the numerical value of:

                   الآخرة  The Akhira (End Times) (verse 7 of Sura 17):  837  (or 838)     (837 is the 691st Composite Number)   (1006 is the 837th Composite Number)  


The real name Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is Ibrahim (Abraham). Let us analyze his name numerically:

             ابراهيمIbrahim (Abraham):  259 (or 258)

          ناحر   Nahir (Slaughterer or Butcher):  259



        أبو  بكر  بغداد  Abu Bakr, Baghdad : (9 + 222) + 1011 = 231 + 1011 = 1242   (equivalent to 242)                                   

         بكر بغدادي  Bakr Baghdadi :  222 + 1021 (or 1020) = 1243 (or 1242)   (equivalent to 243 or 242)

         السفياني  The Sufyani :  242  

         الجزار  The Jazzar (Slaughterer or Butcher): 242

         يوم القيامه   Day of the Qiyama (Resurrection, Upheaval, or End Times): 56 + 187 (or 186) = 243 (or 242)      ( = 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 )   (243 is the 189th Composite Number)  (306 is the 243rd Composite Number)   (1543 is the 243rd Prime Number




The following numerical analysis indicates that Barack Obama is likely to be the first Dajjal:     


         باراك   أوباما   Barack Obama: 224 (or 223) +  51 = 275 (or 274)   

         تبت  يدا  ابي  لهب  وتب  Cursed are the hands of Abi Lahab and he is cursed (verse 1 of Sura 111): 1275  (equivalent to 275)   (1275 is the 1069th Composite Number)   (1516 is the 1275th Composite Number)

         المعبد  اليهودي  الثالث   The Third Jewish Ma’bad (Temple): (147 + 66) + 1062 (or 1061) = 213 + 1062 (or 1061) = 1275 (or 1274)  (equivalent to 275)

         دخول  براك  أوباما  المسجد  الأقصا  Barack Obama’s entry of the Aqsa Mosque: 640 + 223 + 51 + 138 + 223 = 1275

         دخول  الصليبيين  إلى  المسجد  الأقصا  The Saleebiyeen (Crusaders’) entry into the Aqsa Mosque: 640 + 233 + 41 + 138 + 223 = 1275  

274 = 2 x 137 .  Number 137 is the numerical value of:

                       الدجال   الأول   The first Dajjal: 69 + 68 = 137     (137 is the 33rd Prime Number)   (137 is the 18th Additive Prime Number)    (178 is the 137th Composite Number)     (773 is the 137th Prime Number)  



1275 is the 1069th Composite Number. Number 1069 is equivalent to the numerical value of :

                     الدجال  The Dajjal : 69  ( = 3 x 23)    (69 is the 49th Composite Number)    (94 is the 69th Composite Number )    (347 is the  69th Prime Number)     

                    وعد  الآخره +  يوم  الدين  Promise of the End Times (verse 7 of Sura 17) + Day of the Deen (Religion or Judgment) (verse 4 of Sura 1) : [80 + 838 (or 837)] + (56 + 95) = 918 (or 917) + 151 = 1069 (or 1068)  (equivalent to 69)   (1069 is the 180th Prime Number (1275 is the 1069th Composite Number)

                    وعد  الآخره +  أنتي  كرايست  Promise of the End Times (verse 7 of Sura 17) + Anti-Christ : [80 + 837 (or 838)] + [461 + 691 (or 690)] = 917 (or 918) + 1152 (or 1151) = 2069 (or 2068)   (equivalent to 69)   (2069 is the 312th Prime Number)      (2430 is the 2069th Composite Number)


The following segment of Sura 90 shows us in detail the name of Barack Hussein Obama:

        بهذا  البلد  و أنت  حل  بهذا  البلد  و والد  و ما  ولد  لقد  خلقنا  الإنسن  في  كبد  by this Balad (Country or City) and you are free in this Balad and a father (or parent) and what he begot (or gave birth to). We have created the human in a struggle (verse 1 - 4 of Sura 90):  (708 + 67 + 6 + 451 + 38 + 708 + 67 + 6)  + (41 + 6 + 41 + 40) + [134 + 781 + 192 (or 193) + 90 + 26 ] = 2051 + 128 + 1223 (or 1224) = 3402 (or 3403)   (equivalent to 402)

        براك  حسين  أوباما   Barack Hussein Obama: 223 (or 224) + 128 +  51 = 402 (or 403)    ( = 2 x 3 x 67)   (402 is the 322nd Composite Number)   (402 is the 219th Additive Composite Number)   (497 is the 402nd Composite Number)


In addition, the numerical value of Barack Obama's first name is equal to the numerical value of Eli, which is the nickname of Elias (Elijah):

         أوباما   Obama: 51    ( = 3 x 17 )   (51 is the 35th Composite Number)    (72 is the 51st Composite Number)   (233 is the  51st Prime Number)   

         إيلي   Eli : 51  (Eli is the nick name of Elias or Elijah)

         أبي  جهل  Abi Jahl: 13 + 38 = 51     [Abi Jahl was one of the leaders of the enemies of Muslims in Mecca at the time of Prophet Mohammad (p). His real name was Amr ibn Hisham ibn Al-Mughirah.]


233 is the  51st Prime Number. Number 233 is the numerical value of:


                 الصليبيين   The Saleebiyeen (Crusaders) : 233                    

                     الرب  The Lord (God): 233

                     ربك  هو  Your Lord HoWa (is)  (verse 25 of Sura 32):  222 + 11 = 233


Number 51 is equivalent to 2051. Number 2051 is the 1741st Composite Number. Number 1741 is equivalent to 741, the numerical value of:


                  المسيخ  The Maseekh (transformed / false Messiah): 741

51 is the 35th Composite Number. Number 35 is the numerical value:  

                 بابل  Babyl (Babylon): 35      (35 is the 23rd Composite Number)    (51 is the 35th Composite Number)       (149 is the 35th Prime Number)    

35 is the 23rd Composite Number. Number 23 is the numerical value of:

                 يَأْجُوجُ   Yajuj (Gog): 23

This may indicate that Obama is Gog and that he will attempt to revive Babylon, in which sorcery thrived.



          باراك   Barack: 224  (or 223) 

   1224 is the 1023rd Composite Number. Number 1023 is equivalent to 23 :        

                   يَأْجُوجُ   Yajuj (Gog): 23




The following Hadith is an Islamic End of Time prophecy about the advent of a man who is described as Araj :

عن كعب قال علامة خروج المهدي ألوية تقبل من المغرب عليها رجل أعرج من كنده

Ka'b is reported to have said: " The sign of the coming-out of the Mahdi  is (army) battalions coming from the Maghrib, led by a man who is an Araj  from Kinda."  (Nuaim bin Hammad's Kitab Al-Fitan, page 205)



Another Hadith about the Araj 

                                                  :  حدثنا أبو يوسف المقدسي عن محمد بن عبيد الله عن يزيد بن سندي عن كعب قال 

                                                                                                  صاحب  المغرب  رجل  من  كنده  أعرج

Ka'b is reported to have said: “ The Leader of the Maghrib is a man from Kinda who is an Araj .” (Nuaim bin Hammad's book Kitab Al-Fitan)



Let us examine the numerical value of Araj :


            أعرج  A’raj (Limper which means someone who cannot walk properly): 274 


             براك  أوباما  Barack Obama: 223 (or 224) + 51 = 274 (or 275) 


The numerical value of Barack Obama is exactly equal to the numerical value of the Arabic word أعرج (Araj ). The word Araj  means a limper or lamer (a person who cannot walk normally because of a problem in one of his legs).  The reason he is described in the above Hadiths as an Araj is most likely to allow us to know his real name, by calculating the numerical value of his name.



Furthermore, the "Maghrib" in the above Hadiths is most probably the United States of America, not Morocco or the Maghrib region that includes Morocco, Algeria, and Tunis :

       المغرب  The Maghrib ( The West): 1273   ( = 19 x 67 )  (1273 is the 1067th Composite Number) 

         الولايت المتحدة الامركية The American United States : 478 (or 479) + 488 + 307 = 1273 (or 1274)


 Finally, let us numerically examine the country referred to as "Kinda" in the above Hadiths:

          كنده   Kinda :  79

          كنيا   Kenya :  81   (Barack Obama’s father is from Kenya)


There are several End Times prophecies about the Mahdi in the Bible. The following are three of these prophecies:

1. The Mahdi is prophesied in Daniel 12 of the Bible and is referred to as Michael:

At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then.  (Daniel 12: 1)  (Source:  www.Bible.cc )

2. The following is a biblical End of Time prophecy about the Mahdi in Isaiah 19: 20 :

It will be a sign and witness to the LORD Almighty in the land of Egypt. When they cry out to the LORD because of their oppressors, he will send them a savior and defender, and he will rescue them.  (Isaiah 19: 20)   (Source:  www.Bible.cc )



3. Genesis 49: 10 of the Old Testament of the Bible is an End Times prophesy about the arrival of an important person who could be the Mahdi :


The scepter will not depart from Judah ... until he comes to whom it belongs and the obedience of the nations is his. (Genesis 49: 10)  (Source:  www.Bible.cc )





End Times Research Center is a Sunni Islamic research center dedicated to studying the End of Time. However, the book is not written to promote Islam, but rather to uncover the absolute truth. The truth is the truth; it has no religion. We use several numerical methods and types of calculations to analyze the last divine scripture, which is the Quran (Qur'an or Koran), and the sayings of Prophet Mohammad (p) which are called Hadith and are collected in Books of Hadith. Numerical methods are inherently objective. The conclusions of the book are favorable to Islam and Muslims because Islam is God's religion. Prophets Abraham, Jacob (Israel), Moses, David, Jesus, peace be upon them, were Muslims and worshipped Allah (God).

We initially released the first edition of our book in June 2012 by paid subscription. However, because the beginning of the End Times is approaching, we are now making our book available 100 % free of charge.

The book is written in English. It contains lots of Arabic words because the book analyzes the Quran, Hadith, and Arabic words. All these sources are in Arabic. However, there is no need for the reader of the book to know Arabic. The book is easy to read if you know some English. You do not necessarily have to be fluent in English because the book is characterized by its heavy emphasis on numbers. The numbers can be understood by all people, regardless of their level of fluency in English. There are lots of simple mathematical equations in the books, that are formulated simply by adding numbers.

The book, using several types of calculations and numerical analysis methods, presents possibilities and makes End of Time predictions, primarily regarding the events of the first phase of the End Times, which is a period of tribulation.

We do NOT expect the End of the World to occur in 2022, but rather on a specific day (revealed in the Book) in 2022, the first phase of the End Times will end and the second phase will begin. The second phase of the End Times is a period of peace.

The book reveals a  unique numerical observation regarding the period beyond the first phase, but it does NOT make specific predictions regarding the Last Day, Doomsday, Apocalypse, End of the World, Day of  Resurrection (Qiyama), and Day of Judgment which can be expected to occur at the end of the third (or fourth) phase of the End Times.




Without exaggeration, this book is one of the most significant Islamic books that have ever been written. The book reveals an unknown dimension of the Quran. It proposes that the Quran is intended by God to have hidden numerical messages that can only be deciphered through proper numerical analysis of the Quran. That is why even if you are not too interested in the End Times, you may still find the book interesting.

This book asserts that the Quran is a Book of Knowledge that tells us explicitly or hints implicitly regarding various aspects of life. Because some aspects of life are very sensitive and must not be revealed until the right time, God may have chosen to hint to them through hidden numerical messages.

What is even more surprising is that we have discovered that many of the Islamic prophecies about the End of Time in Hadith narrations attributed to Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) are also numerically coded.

Finally, the book shows how the system of numerical values of Arabic words is so amazing in predicting events and their sequence.

The book takes the reader on a journey to solve the mysteries of the End Times by uncovering the unknown relationship between words and numbers. That is why the book may appeal to people who like words as well as those who like numbers.

The book is thrilling because it contains lots of surprises. It is also engaging and challenging in that it presents numerical systems, calculations, and equations derived from words that entice the readers to think and come to their own conclusions. The authors of the book only act as a tour guide in this marvelous intellectual journey.

Click here to read more about the book.



We would like to declare the following:


1.   Future events are known only to Allah (God) (s.w.t.) and those whom he chooses.


2.   We do not claim that Allah (s.w.t.) is letting us know directly the predictions we make in this book.


3.   There is a difference between "knowing the Future" and "making predictions about the Future". We do not know what is going to happen in the future. We perform numerical analysis of the Quran, Hadith, Arabic words, and Historical Events. Based on this analysis, we come to conclusions and make predictions regarding events in the End Times.


4.   Neither the Quran nor the Hadith states explicitly the exact dates of the End of Time events. Our book presents various possibilities for interpreting the implicit, numerical messages coded in the Quran and Hadith.


5.   We do not know when the Last Day of the World, Day of Resurrection, or Day of Judgement will occur. We do not provide specific dates for such Days.

      6.   We are NOT knowledgeable about Astrology and we do NOT use it. Making predictions based on Astrology is Haram (Forbidden).


2014 (1435 Hijri)  is within the period prophesied in the following Islamic prophecy about End of the Time :

" Count two or three decades after 1400 Hijri. At that time, the Mahdi will emerge... "

(Qalda bin Zayd bin Baraka, Asma Masalik Li Ayyam Al-Mahdi: Malik Li Kul Al-Dunya Bi Amr Allah El-Malik, p. 216 )

The source of this narration, is a rare hand-written book (manuscript), dated around 300 years after the Hijra and is found today, in Istanbul, Turkey, in the Süleymaniye Library, under the section listed as "Islamic Manuscripts 3664/ Al-Medina Al-Munawara".



To learn more about the book and how to pay to be able to read it, click on the following links:

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